Thursday, August 23, 2007

But why mommy???

C and I were talking about going to school yesterday. She starts preschool two mornings a week after a hiatus since April. It's a new school, so I'm trying to get her all revved up about it. While we were talking over dinner about it, she said:

"But Mommy, why do I have to go to school if you don't work anymore??"

She actually had me stumped there a minute for an answer... Finally I told her she needed to go to learn things and play with new friends. She was ok with that response. At least for now... Here are some more of her latest why questions:

"Why does the sun go to bed at night? Doesn't it want to play with the moon?"
"But why can't we get another kitty? Milo is so lonely and he needs friends!"
"Why do I need clean underwear? My bottom is clean because I wiped it."'s getting so hard to come up with legitimate answers and not laugh!!!!


little miss mel said...

Ack, you mean they ask you questions??

I am not sure if I am prepared yet. ;)