Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cox Farms

Since Blogger decided not to let me post more pictures in my last post, here are some shots of our day at Cox Farms on Sunday:

Here is C on the pony ride.

Here M is enjoying her apple.

I'll post some pictures from trick or treating tomorrow. Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Fun

Saturday we hit up Boo at the Zoo which was held at the National Zoo. We had a great time especially since our friends from Richmond came up. Here's a shot of C and her buddy.

Unfortunately, our camera died right after that but our friends got some. I'll post one once I get it.

Sunday we headed out to Cox Farms for their Fall Festival which was a ton of fun. C enjoyed a pony ride and M loved the apples!!

Today was C's school parade. Here is a quick shot of that.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Thank you, thank you

Just a little prayer from the mouth of Miss C...

"Thank you for our food and friends, thank you, thank you, Armens."


Friday, October 26, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

Monday the girls and I headed to a local pumpkin farm. We had a great time. There were hayslides, a hay ride, petting zoo, and fresh apples and apple cider! The weather was beautiful and the girls really enjoyed the morning.

After running around for a while, we went to head out and grab our pumpkins. My kids seem to have a strange attraction to pumpkins. Could it be because I loved to eat pumpkin muffins while I was pregnant with both of them?? They both treat the pumpkin like it is a new member of the family. Let's start with Miss C's story...
C got her first pumpkin at school last week. They did a cute little hayride to the other side of the school where a local farm provided pumpkins for all the kids. C was so excited to show off her pumpkin when she got in the car. When we brought it home, she immediately sat it down at her little table and ate lunch with it. Ok...strange right? Well, it doesn't end here. Her princess dolls had to play and talk with the pumpkin, and get this, the pumpkin talks back?!? She wanted to know where the pumpkin would sleep and what it eats. After several discussions of how the pumpkin is not a person, I decided to approach it another way. Why not decorate the pumpkin? So, armed with a white crayon, black paper, scissors and tape, I let C draw a face and then cut it out herself and tape it to the pumpkin. Let me tell you, it was cute. If I had known it was going to come off so quickly, I would have taken a picture right then and there. Well no sooner are we done, then Miss C starts a complete OCD meltdown about how we HAD to take it off the pumpkin. I was able to convince her to leave it on long enough for Daddy to see it, but she would not go to bed until it was off. So nakey pumpkin it is...

With Miss M, it's not so much a person, but she loves it. As in hugs and kisses, won't put it down love it. She insisted on having it in the stroller, her carseat, and then had a complete meltdown when it wasn't allowed in the tub!! So M's pumpkin has moved outside. Mean?? I did go out and get her a cute felt trick or treat bag that's a pumpkin so she has that, and then some of those tiny pumpkins to carry around. See, I'm not completely heartless! ;)

So I ask you...are my kids weird or what?? Are they the only ones with this extreme obsession to the pumpkins??

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ignorance is bliss??

I apologize for not updating sooner...I've been out of town for family reasons. To catch up, I went to the doctor late Wednesday afternoon and found out that my thyroid is screwy. I'm relieved to say the least, but it's still not resolved. You see, right now I have hyperthyroidism which means my thyroid is in overdrive. It gives me lovely side effects such as nonstop shaking, dizziness, fatigue, stomach issues, anxiety, and all kinds of other lovely things.

The normal course of treatment for this is to take medication to help suppress the hormones the thyroid puts out there. My doctor has not prescribed anything for me yet as she ordered more tests. One is a blood test to see if it's a virus that's causing my thyroid issues and the other is a nuclear thyroid scan. Sounds fun, right? Well, I got the blood test done today, so one down...but the scan is another story. I have to wait for my &*@# insurance company to authorize the test, and who knows how long that will take. Such a pain!

So, me being who I am came home from my appointment last week and immediately looked up what my thyroid is doing and the possible causes. I'm hoping it's just genetics (as every woman on my mom's side has a thyroid issue) and not some of the others. The scan is going to check for nodules which should be nothing if I have them, but there's always that chance that it's something more. So now I'm left wondering...was I better off before I knew what was going on? Was it better to worry about the way I was feeling or now worry as to the cause?? I guess time will tell...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy weekend and phone calls...

We had a busy weekend catching up around here. This was the first weekend in a while that we've been home without something major to do. So what did we do? CLEAN!! Yup, cleaned, organized, and even made a trip to IKEA. So much for relaxing, but at least the house is cleaner!

This morning I finally got the phone call regarding my blood work and of course I wasn't here to get it. When I called back, they told me I need to come in to discuss the test results. When was the earliest I could get in?? WEDNESDAY!! And of course I got the last appointment of the day! Ugh! I have to sit in misery until then. I'm hoping and praying it's nothing, but the wait is KILLING me. I'm not a very patient person to begin with, but this is agony!

I'm expecting it to be one of 4 things: thyroid (all the women on my mom's side have issues), blood sugar (again HUGE family history), vitamin D deficiency, or cholesterol. I'm trying to focus on those things because they are all treatable, and easily handled. I'm trying to stay positive because I mean, after all, if it was really, really bad the doctor would have called me herself...right?!?

I'll update as soon as I know for sure...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Waiting for impending bloodwork has made me impatient and grouchy. Last week I had a pretty severe reaction to some antibiotics and other medications I have been taking for my sinus/ear issues. I went in for a checkup with my doctor and she recommended bloodwork to make sure nothing else is the culprit. While I have slowly started to feel better since stopping the meds, I'm still anxious that I'm going to get a call from my doctor that something else is wrong.

The truth of the whole matter is that I'm just scared. The last things any of us needs is for me to be sick. Going home this weekend didn't help. It's hard to leave someplace where I have so much support, to go back here where I'm alone. God forbid something is truly wrong, I'm not sure how we will cope. I know somehow we will, because we have to right? Life cannot stop and lord knows, the girls definitely won't!

In the meantime I'll be waiting, albeit not patiently for the phone to ring. Hopefully I'll be back soon with good news.

Monday, October 1, 2007

M's First Haircut

On Saturday we took M for her first "official" haircut. I had been trimming her bangs at home while the rest of her hair grew, but it was time. She was excellent during the whole thing. She barely moved and didn't cry at all. Big change from C's first cut which she screamed through the whole thing.

Here are some pictures of the event:

When she first got her bangs cut, she looked at me like, "Look Mom...I can see!"