Friday, April 25, 2008

Whatcha Doin'?

That's been the question of late. Every few minutes, M says, "Mommy...whatcha doin'?". And she will continue to say it over and over until you answer. Yes, it's cute and funny but it's also highly annoying. Just close your eyes and picture this:

- Driving in the car back home from the park. It's a 10 minute drive and 4 times you hear, "Mommy...whatcha doin'?"

- In the bathroom where you are trying your hardest to pee in hear a knock followed by "Mommy...whatcha doin'?"

Now you try and remain calm and answer, ignore it, or ask her the same...but she doesn't relent. It's become the bane of my day right now. I figure I will pay her back when she's 16 by calling her every 5 minutes on a Friday night asking the same question! Fair...I think so! :)

Now onto what we have been doing...

- We were back in NJ last week to visit. C's friend Sophie was in town and we got to see her. Bad me forgot my camera, so there's no pictures...but they had a blast!

- C started tennis lessons and loves them! She now is saying she'll only go if she can hit the ball to another person, but we're far from that. If nothing else, she's running around for 45 minutes! Of course, M is jealous and wants to join in on the fun. If only they had a sibling class...

- M suffered a sinus infection right before we left for NJ, but is feeling much better. Her speech is so much clearer now as well. I'm not sure if it's just that she's getting older or being sick. But it's really great!

- I've been making more of an effort to find a playgroup with kids M's age in it. We went to an activity the other day where the kids were all around 2, and she had a great time! I'm hoping we'll continue to be able to do things like that without C around. Poor M just wants to follow her big sister around all the time that she doesn't play with kids her own age!

- C had Olympic Day at school on Thursday and M and I went to help out. It was a lot of fun! All the kids participated in different events and at the end they got gold medals! C loved every minute of it!

May will be a busy month here. We've got something going on almost every weekend!! Hopefully I'll have some great pictures to post!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Big 4 Year Checkup

Consider this a public service announcement for all of you who have a kid who will be 4 anytime soon...

C had her 4 year old checkup on Friday. It's a BIG visit! They check weight and height like a normal visit, but also vision, hearing, and urine!! Yup, C had to pee into her first cup. Now, I won't go into the specific manuerving we did to make this happen, but it happened. Just an fyi to make sure your kids have a full bladder before the visit!

Now, on to the actual dr. talk. We spoke about potty training, sleep, eating...all the basics. Then she had C write and follow directions. Luckily she followed directions perfectly and all was good.

That is until the shots... Yup, I said shots. 4 of them to be exact! I had prepped C for the possibility of shots, but I came prepared. I had an ice pack and lollipop standing by. None of that helped. C screamed so bad I thought she would throw up. It was awful. We spent a good 10 minutes calming her down before we ventured back out into the waiting room. The only thing that worked was the promise of a new dress for her doll and a strawberry milkshake. Hey, you would give your kid anything they wanted in that position too!! :) here are the stats from the visit:

Weight: 37 lbs. (70th percentile)
Height: 41 inches. (75th percentile)

Vision: 20/20 both eyes, 20/30 individual eyes
Hearing: perfect

She's in perfect health which is wonderful to hear. :) Now she's due for another shot but I'm not tackling that for at least a few months. *** End of public service announcement. *** :)