Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Big 4 Year Checkup

Consider this a public service announcement for all of you who have a kid who will be 4 anytime soon...

C had her 4 year old checkup on Friday. It's a BIG visit! They check weight and height like a normal visit, but also vision, hearing, and urine!! Yup, C had to pee into her first cup. Now, I won't go into the specific manuerving we did to make this happen, but it happened. Just an fyi to make sure your kids have a full bladder before the visit!

Now, on to the actual dr. talk. We spoke about potty training, sleep, eating...all the basics. Then she had C write and follow directions. Luckily she followed directions perfectly and all was good.

That is until the shots... Yup, I said shots. 4 of them to be exact! I had prepped C for the possibility of shots, but I came prepared. I had an ice pack and lollipop standing by. None of that helped. C screamed so bad I thought she would throw up. It was awful. We spent a good 10 minutes calming her down before we ventured back out into the waiting room. The only thing that worked was the promise of a new dress for her doll and a strawberry milkshake. Hey, you would give your kid anything they wanted in that position too!! :) here are the stats from the visit:

Weight: 37 lbs. (70th percentile)
Height: 41 inches. (75th percentile)

Vision: 20/20 both eyes, 20/30 individual eyes
Hearing: perfect

She's in perfect health which is wonderful to hear. :) Now she's due for another shot but I'm not tackling that for at least a few months. *** End of public service announcement. *** :)


Vanessa said...

Oh man! that brought back a flood of memories. J had to pee in the cup too - but a penis helps with that. He tossed a massive fit over the shots and you're right- anything for your child at that point! Great news on a health C. Good job Momma.

Leigh Ann said...

Wow! Sounds like quite the ordeal. Thanks for the warning! :) Glad C is good though.

little miss mel said...

wow, peeing in a cup! that is a tall order!! well done!

Glad she is doing well. :)