Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catching Up with the Girls

As promised, here is my post dedicated solely to catching up on the girls' latest and greatest...

- has hit the Jekyll/Hyde stage of childhood known as 4.5 years old. One day she is amazingly mature, patient, and wonderful to be around. The next she is a whiney, tattle tale that drives me insane. Anyone parent who has made it through this age deserves sainthood. I would just appreciate some pointers!!

- is almost 42 inches tall and 41 lbs. Officially big enough for a booster seat which she uses in my mother in law's car, but in my car she will remain in a 5 pt harness until high school. Just kidding...I think at least!

- is loving school. She now goes 5 days a week in the afternoons. Let me just tell you that this schedule fits her perfectly. She takes after both myself and J in that we don't move our butts in the morning. The afternoon schedule suits her well. She's made lots of friends and is thriving there. She's definitely tired afterwards so bedtime has been moved up, along with the shenanagins that accompany it.

- is reading!!! Yup, I said reading! A while ago I bought her a set of BOB books which we recently have been working through. She can already read the first 6 on her own with little prompting from me. It's been extremely exciting and making both her and me proud!

- has taken some great field trips with school. Here are a few pics from the pumpkin patch and the fire station! I'm really enjoying being able to go with her on these!


- is sad that she doesn't get to go to school like C, but is loving Little Gym! We go Tuesday mornings and it's been great for her. She's always the first to go with the teacher instead of me, so I think she's almost ready for school! Don't think there will be much seperation anxiety here!

- is almost 37 inches tall and 31 lbs. She's officially wearing a lot of C's clothes from last year! I'm talking size 4 shirts here!! It's amazing how differently both girls are built. M's torso seems to be longer while C's legs are longer. It will be interesting to see how this impacts their growth later...

- loves sleeping in her new WALL-E bed! She's officially in a twin bed and loves it. We still have some sleep issues (ahem, and a paci ) but she loves her bed. Recently she seems to be trying to get rid of her nap which scares the beejesus out of me! Not sure how that's going to pan out but I'm hoping it's not done yet!!!!

- has for the most part adjusted well to the move. Yesterday was the first time she asked to go to "my house" because she wanted her pictures from her room. Needless to say, I'll be heading over to storage this weekend to get them!

- is talking a ridiculous amount and is funny! She loves telling "jokes" but she just says the funniest things. An example was we all went out to dinner with my cousins and their significant others, and they wanted to pay for us. J and I were protesting it, but they just said, "That's the way it will be so be ok with it!" to which C replied, "I'm ok with it!". We all started laughing and then M turned to us and said, "HA HA! What's so funny??". She also has been going around and doing the robot and saying "I am a robot!". She's just too funny!

Here are some recent pics of her from pumpkin picking:

I'll have some pictures up this weekend from pumpkin carving and Halloween. We're looking forward to it and hope you will to!!

Life Happens...

Hello again!  I know it's been forever since I last wrote.  I wish I could give you some exotic reason why I haven't been blogging like I won a contest and have been in Fiji or I was in Hollywood starring in a miniseries for Lifetime, but nope, nothing like that.  Truth is I haven't been writing because I've been too busy with my life.  Just the day to day things that occur from the time I'm unhappily woken up by my screaming M, to the time I'm dragging my butt to bed.  Nothing fancy there...

What have we all been up to?  Well, here is an abbreviated list:

- We've been slowly getting more and more settled into our new life in NJ.  C's in school, M wishes she was, and I've been enjoying the 2.5 hours of quiet!

- We've made trips to PA to visit friends, had fun with the family, gone on field trips with C's class, and of course made a trip to the pumpkin patch!

- I spent most of September making trips back and forth to VA to settle everything with the house.  No fun there and it was really hard on all of us.

- We all got sick.  Everyone, even my inlaws except M.  How she escaped the nasty sinus infection/bronchitis/viral whatever that we all had is still a mystery.

- I joined Facebook!  Never thought I would, but I did and have been meeting up with some friends from high school that I haven't seen since, oh, high school!

- The girls have been growing and changing.  I'm going to write a whole post on that, because well, they deserve it! 

Well, I think that pretty much sums it up.  It doesn't seem like much when I write it out like this, but it definitely has kept me jumping.  Next post will be an update on the girls plus some pictures!  Hope you'll stay tuned! :)