Sunday, September 30, 2007

Afternoon at the Circus

Today we took the girls to see the Big Apple Circus. If you've never seen it, you really should. It's how the circus should be...under one big tent. Both kids loved it although M got a little restless at times and took some walks. She loved the puppies and the acrobats, as well as the lights. C said her favorite part was the horses.

We tried to take some pictures at it, but honestly they are all bad! LOL! It was really difficult trying to get both kids to not only look at the camera, but also smile with all the other stuff to look at. Oh well, maybe next year!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Crazy Hair Day

Today the girls and I had a crazy hair day. Here are some pictures from it:

Fun Fun!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where have we been?

Well, I wish I could be writing a post to say we've been on some exotic vacation or won the Powerball but in truth we've just been busy. Here's quick rundown of what's going on...
  • C started school at the beginning of September (Thank God!!!). She goes to a preschool 5 minutes from home two mornings a week. Sure, I wish it was more, but hey it's something, right?
  • C is also signed up for some classes to keep us busy. She now has gymnastics and ballet/tap on Fridays, and will start swimming class in October.
  • M has been enjoying some alone time with me. So far we've gone grocery shopping, taken trips to the park, attended a tots playgroup, and gone to MOPS.
  • M had her 15 month checkup in which she was 31 3/4 inches tall and 23 lbs. 9 ozs. She was a real trooper even through her 2 shots.
  • I've been back and forth to the doctor's again. Have yet another sinus/ear infection (my 4th of the summer) and had sinus xrays done. Luckily they came up clear but I'll be heading back next week for a follow up.
  • I'm serving as the Activities Coordinator for our MOMS Club in town and also attending MOPS twice a month. (Just is case I wasn't busy enough already...)
  • We've had things going on every weekend so far and it won't end until late October! Some of our fun has been: going to Richmond to visit friends, heading to Six Flags for J's company's annual picnic. This weekend we're heading to the circus!

That's basically been it. Lately I feel like I should put a meter in my car and earn some money for all the driving I'm doing! So...that's been it. Hopefully I'll start getting a little more free time soon and be able to post more often.