Friday, October 26, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

Monday the girls and I headed to a local pumpkin farm. We had a great time. There were hayslides, a hay ride, petting zoo, and fresh apples and apple cider! The weather was beautiful and the girls really enjoyed the morning.

After running around for a while, we went to head out and grab our pumpkins. My kids seem to have a strange attraction to pumpkins. Could it be because I loved to eat pumpkin muffins while I was pregnant with both of them?? They both treat the pumpkin like it is a new member of the family. Let's start with Miss C's story...
C got her first pumpkin at school last week. They did a cute little hayride to the other side of the school where a local farm provided pumpkins for all the kids. C was so excited to show off her pumpkin when she got in the car. When we brought it home, she immediately sat it down at her little table and ate lunch with it. Ok...strange right? Well, it doesn't end here. Her princess dolls had to play and talk with the pumpkin, and get this, the pumpkin talks back?!? She wanted to know where the pumpkin would sleep and what it eats. After several discussions of how the pumpkin is not a person, I decided to approach it another way. Why not decorate the pumpkin? So, armed with a white crayon, black paper, scissors and tape, I let C draw a face and then cut it out herself and tape it to the pumpkin. Let me tell you, it was cute. If I had known it was going to come off so quickly, I would have taken a picture right then and there. Well no sooner are we done, then Miss C starts a complete OCD meltdown about how we HAD to take it off the pumpkin. I was able to convince her to leave it on long enough for Daddy to see it, but she would not go to bed until it was off. So nakey pumpkin it is...

With Miss M, it's not so much a person, but she loves it. As in hugs and kisses, won't put it down love it. She insisted on having it in the stroller, her carseat, and then had a complete meltdown when it wasn't allowed in the tub!! So M's pumpkin has moved outside. Mean?? I did go out and get her a cute felt trick or treat bag that's a pumpkin so she has that, and then some of those tiny pumpkins to carry around. See, I'm not completely heartless! ;)

So I ask you...are my kids weird or what?? Are they the only ones with this extreme obsession to the pumpkins??


Leigh Ann said...

Oh my, I loved this post! Your girls crack me up and I really needed a good laugh today.