Thursday, August 23, 2007

Time with Elmo

Last week we took the girls on a mini-vacation. It was a last minute whirlwind trip to Sesame Place and the Jersey shore. J had a few vacation days booked for the summer and we were going to save them and make a long Labor Day weekend, but he had to head away on a business trip so we had to use them or lose them. M has really been into "Melmo" these days so we decided this was the year to go. I'm glad we did it when we did. C had a blast going to the shows and seeing the characters. Her favorite part was the tea cup ride with Daddy. (I sat sideline with M to avoid puking!)

M called everyone Melmo and loved it as well. She danced along with the shows and had a blast in the smaller play areas. Unfortunately she was sick Friday so she was kind of miserable at the park, but once we got her some medicine and cooled off in the pool, she was much happier.

Friday night through Sunday we went to Brick, NJ to visit my cousin and her boyfriend. They have a house on the bay there with a heated inground pool (nice!) and a boat. Both C and M enjoyed the pool and even the spin on the boat, or ship as C calls it. C was the jr. captain and even got to drive!! She was all smiles during that!!

Unfortunately it was really cold and rainy so there was no playing on the beach for us. However, we headed to Point Pleasant and took in the boardwalk and some yummy funnel cake. The kids loved the rides and food until it started pouring. We then skeedaddled out of there and sat in the car eating our funnel cake.

Overall it was a great trip!! I'll post some pictures of it later.


little miss mel said...

looks like a great trip!!! glad you got away before the school year started. ;)