Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weee'rrrreee Heeerrreee!!

Yup, we're back in VA. What a week we had! Here's the summary:

- C had her first all night sleepover at my cousin's house!

- We saw Horton Hears a Who and C loved it!

-M had a miserable time with diaper rash. She had an allergic reaction to something causing her to have an explosive diaper and burns all over her area. Luckily it's cleared up, but I'm definitely taking her for allergy testing!

- My mother in law and I took the girls to the Big Apple Circus and sat in the front row! It was a great show, but so windy we thought the tent would blow down! M was thrilled with the puppies and horses! :)

- We had a nice visit with my 88 year old grandfather, Pop Pop. He came over to spend time with us on Thursday and on the way out of the door fell on top of me! Thank god I was there or he would have hit the sidewalk. Still took 5 years off my life!!

- I stayed up until 2 am making a Tinkerbell cake for C's party on Saturday. Here's a shot of it:

- We had a great party on Saturday for C, J, J's cousin, and my cousin's boyfriend. Of course C made it all about her and ordered everyone to wear party hats and play games. It was a lot of fun though!

- We made it home in one piece...thank god!!!

There was definitely no relaxing on this trip. I enjoyed the time up there and the company. No one warns you how lonely you can get staying at home all day. It definitely was a nice break from that and it was hard to come home. The girls are already asking when we can go back!!

Unfortunately there is no rest for the weary this week. It's C's and J's birthday tomorrow, I have to make snack for her to bring to school on Thursday, and we're having a small party for her down here on Saturday. I'm definitely going to need a loooong nap and vacation after this week!!


Leigh Ann said...

The cake looked awesome! Go you! :)