Friday, January 11, 2008

Strange days...

This week has been, well weird. The weather has been unseasonably warm like in the 70's, the girls have been acting strange, and our house on a whole seems unsettled. It may be the weather, but it's also our first full week back at work/school, and I think that has more to do with it than anything else.

So let's start with the weather... C and M enjoyed Monday - Wednesday since it was warm enough to play outside. Monday morning we went for a walk (meaning they sat while I walked...LOL) and then met up with J at the playground and had an early dinner. Tuesday C went to school and M went with me to MOPS. Again, we went outside in the afternoon. Wednesday we headed back to the playground in the morning. I think the outside time has done wonders for all of us. Nothing like fresh air and sunshine to improve our moods! Now we're back to cold and rain, blech. I really don't like the winter at all and would love to skip right to early April, but that won't happen. Instead I enjoyed our weather and the moods it put us all in.

Now the girls, ahh the girls... M has been sick since Christmas, but seems to finally have stopped with the runny nose/coughing she was doing. However, her teeth are really bothering her as she tells me, "Teeth HURT!". While it's nice to know what's bothering her, there's not a whole ton I can do in that department. We're doing motrin/tylenol and orajel at bedtime, but she's still waking up through the night and not really napping. I can't wait to the day I can say she's sleeping normally again!!!!

C has decided not to really nap at all anymore. Yes, I know she's almost 4 and that's probably normal, but my reaction is HELL NO!!! Naptime is MY time...quiet, peaceful, watch my tivoed shows time. Trying to even convince C that she needs to just "relax" in her room and be quiet doesn't work either. She just sits there for maybe 5 minutes and then the "I WANT TO GET UP" song begins. Now if M wasn't sleeping a mere 15 ft from her I would let her yell all she wanted, but then I would have two grumpy kids. No fun for me! In addition C just doesn't make it to bedtime without meltdowns on the days she doesn't nap. And although she may be more pleasant on napping days, she doesn't go to bed until around 10 pm. What to do what to do?!?!

Finally I ventured back to my endocrinologist yesterday to find out what's wrong with me. Turns out my thyroid is fine and my Vitamin D level is extremely low. So, I'm now taking a high dose vitamin once a week which should alleviate my problem (allegedly). Only time will tell on that...

We're in for a busy weekend of ballet, birthday partys, and a trip to Richmond. Let's hope this vitamin gives me the energy to keep up and M sleeps!! Oh and a big keep-your-fingers-crossed that my sister gets this job she's interviewing for as we speak. I'll update on everything next week. Hope you all have a great weekend!


little miss mel said...

There is something about winter that I do love, it's not 100 degrees. So the longer it takes to get that hot, the better. I need some cold to appreciate the warmth, I guess. It seems too sunny as it is around these CA parts.....:)

Glad everyone seems on the mend. Teething, blech. Yes, at least she is telling you want is wrong. The only thing I added to your mix while teething was Hylands Teething tablets. Seemed to work for us, but nothing is fool-proof.

Napping still at 4? I'd say you've had a charmed life. sorry! Anything like reading or just playing in her room for a bit satisfy? Sleeping child next door makes for difficulty, for sure.

Hope you have a good weekend and the weather cooperates!