Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Season of Pictures

Here are some pictures from our holidays. Enjoy!!

Our giant Christmas tree. It was over 8' tall and 6' wide. What were we thinking?!?

Here is C and her friend Sophie. We couldn't get one of them looking and smiling at the same time, but here they are making silly faces.

Here is C and M playing. Also, M's first ponytail. Yes, I know I'm a wacko and had to take a picture of it...but she looks so cute!

And here are some of C's favorite presents: Fairy wings, wand, and a Barbie house! (Yes, that is a disco ball hanging from it...)

Hope you enjoy them! I'll be back with a more meaningful post soon...


little miss mel said...

love the tree. the bigger the better!

awe, first ponytail. i would so document it as well. i need to get a girl someday, i do a mean french braid. hehe

cute pics of the girls!