Friday, January 25, 2008

Question of the day...

The last few days our house has been hit by the flu, well, correction the girls have. Of course as any parent knows if the kids are sick it's only a matter of time before you get it, and everyone is miserable. Today both girls woke up fever free so I'm hoping we've turned a corner. I've definitely developed more bags under my eyes in the past few days than I'd like to share thanks to my whopping 10 hours of sleep over the past week.

So to say I'm off my A game today would be an understatement. Today is not a day for pondering life issues or trying to solve the economic crisis, is a day for tea, tv, and NO THINKING!! Of course, Miss C. had other plans for me. Here is our conversation:

C: Mommy, when M grows into a big girl are you going to have another baby?
Me: (Almost snorts my tea) Uh, what?!?
C: Are you going to have another baby?
Me: Ummm...I, uh, I don't know.
C: Well, why not?
Me: (Trying to think of how to explain this when J and I haven't made up our minds yet either..)
Why, honey?
C: Well because on Blue's Clues, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper had another baby when Paprika was a big girl.

THANKS Blue's Clues!!!!! Note to self: enough tv for the last few days! Seriously though, this has been C's obsession of late. She LOVES babies. When we are out in public she's been pointing them out to me and saying how cute they are. Ahhh yes, I admit I love babies too. But after the past week of the girls being sick I like babies from afar. Like across the restaurant afar. So for now, I'm happy with my 2 girls. We'll see how long that lasts though...


little miss mel said...

um, ya can we say shocking?? Man, I wouldn't know how to answer that off the cuff.

People ask me about having 3. I tell them I need to have two before I make any decisions.

Two boys will do for now. :D

Hope the girls get better soon! Darn school, does it everytime!