Friday, March 9, 2007

Wanted: The perfect jeans...

On behalf of all woman everywhere, I'm going to be placing the following want ad:

WANTED: A dedicated, hard worker who won't shirk from a challenge. Must be willing to adjust to difficult working circumstances without fading or ripping under pressure. This position will have many rewards including getting patted on the ass or admiring looks from people who appreciate your hard work. To qualify for this position, you must: be able to adjust to the ever fluctuating weight shifts, provide a supporting and slimming rear position, and be able to handle the ever changing demands of the wearer. Position may causing fading, staining and being crumpled in a laundry basket for undetermined lengths of time. Only qualified applicants need apply.

Ok...although I made light of this, I'm desperately searching for a GOOD pair of jeans!! I'm tired of jeans that are falling off my butt because my hips aren't big enough or my giant flabby stomach is pushing them down. What's the deal with that?? Or now since I'm a mom, should I be looking for jeans that come up to my boobs and will probably result in scary camel toe?? Can anyone recommend a happy medium here?? Thanks. I promise to post something better later. I'm just annoyed with the jeans today!