Friday, March 16, 2007

Two weeks and counting...

Two weeks until C is done with preschool. She's been in it 3 days a week since she was 18 months. We've taken her out since it's so expensive to keep her in with the sporadic work I have been doing, and since we are trying to move. Now the question comes, what the heck am I going to do to occupy her?? I have signed her up for a Tuesday dance class, and I'm hoping to find a playgroup or library group to fill in at least another day or two. I also went out and bought a preschool activity book to help me out! Oh boy...we may be making a lot of trips to NJ to compensate...

M is 9 months old now and is such a joy. Her personality is really coming out now and it looks like she will be giving C a run for her money. She's started really yelling when you take something away from her, or if she's bored. Today, she's decided to shriek almost all day long. It's definitely been an Advil day today!

It's hard to believe that C will be 3 so soon! God, where has the time gone?? We were supposed to head to NJ this weekend to celebrate, as well as meet some relatives that are in from Italy. Unfortunately, C woke up with a fever yesterday and today there's been some really crummy weather, so I'm not sure what we are doing now. We may still head up tomorrow, but we will have to see. Guess I should do some laundry so I have something clean to wear in case. It seems to never end!!



Leigh Ann said...

I just realized you left a comment on my blog! Yay for starting your own blog! Love the pictures of the girls.