Thursday, July 5, 2007

Summer craziness...

Ahh, the summer craziness has begun! Last weekend we went to Richmond for a friend's son's (and C's best pal) 3rd bday party. C and M had a great time and it was nice to all visit for a little while. Sunday, C began her swim lessons which went fine until class was over. Apparently she felt it wasn't done yet and threw a fit getting out of the pool. Gotta love 3 year olds! Grr...

Wednesday we spent the 4th shopping (a true American past time!) and then had a bbq with a friend and her daughter. We then headed into J's office to watch the DC fireworks. They were good, but definitely don't even compare to NYC!!

We are now heading up to NJ for a long weekend. J's sister is in from CA and we have a graduation party to go to. Busy, busy!!

Hopefully we will all survive all this driving!