Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summertime Blues...'s official. Summer needs to be over, like now. There are only so many times I can hear "I'm bored" before it drives me insane. In fact, if I hear it again today you might as well come visit me at the nut house.

It's not like we aren't doing anything all day long.  We take trips to the farm, playground, mall, story time, free concerts, etc.  We've been making doll houses out of shoe boxes and cookies from scratch.  We've attempted swimming but the rain always foils our plans.  Point is...we've had plenty of things to do.  But yet, the boredom strikes.  And it's not all on the younger members of our house, nope...I'm bored!  Bored of the number of children's activities I need to come up with to fill our day.  Bored of the tons of laundry and other household stuff I should be doing on a daily basis.  Bored, bored, bored...

I do love that I get to be home with the girls.  But there are times, more now than ever, where I miss working.  Not necessarily the work itself, but the interaction with other people, the challenges, and being out of the house!  I know the day is coming when I will be back to working and come back and read this post and think, "I wish I was like that now!", but for now, this is how I feel.  I can't be alone in this right??  There have to be other moms who feel the same way!  I hope...

I think part of my problem is that I feel not in control of my life right now.  This whole job thing has thrown us all for a loop and it's crazy to think that I won't know where we will be living in the next few weeks.  It makes it hard for me to commit to anything, especially where the girls are involved.  Summer camp?  Nope...  More dance classes...won't do that either.  Why am I going to spend the money to enroll them in something to have us drop out in 2 weeks? 

I'm a crazy control freak, so my issues aren't completely about the kids and lack of activities.  I wish it was that easy.  The fact is that my hubby, J, is in complete control of this...not something I am used to at all.  We usually make decisions together or I completely control the show.  Don't get me wrong, I'll be having major input as to the final job decision, but the day to day applying, calls, etc. I can't help with. 

So I need something to distract me from going absolutely insane until this new job is in the bag.  Any suggestions out there??  Bueller, Bueller....


little miss mel said...

Ugh, nothing is worse.

Feeling out of control sounds like a NIGHTMARE.

My anxiety would be in full force right now, so hang in there.

What to do right now to take your mind off of it? I wish I knew, girl. Sounds like you are doing/thinking of everything you can to keep people from dying of boredom. ;)

Hang in there!!

Good luck on the job front too.